St. Stephens School, Hazaribagh is a Mission School, running under St. Stephen’s Educational Society. It is a co-education English Medium Residential cum Day Scholar School affiliated to CBSE and runs upon its curriculum The school was established The school was established by Late Late Clement John Nandy Clement hn Nandy,Retd.Executive Engirreer B.S.E. Board in 1991. He was a far sighted personality with a dream of making a literate and educated society for which he laid the foundation of the Institution, and he started the work with great enthusiasm and dedicated himself long enough to makehis dreams come true. He was the father figure who developed the institution into what it is today. His reassuring figure is stilloundr remembered by the Stephenian Family. The family tries i jto work behind his spiritual dedication towards the society and endeavor towards the Nation!

School Logo

The school Logo designed for St. Stephen’s School incorporates elements that will make it easily recognizable from others. On the very top of the Shield is the name of the Institution, below that is the circle in ! which the society under which the I School runs is mentioned and the Motto i of C.N.I. Inside the circle is the i Enlightment of truth and wisdom imparted towards society.

School SONG

In the name of Stephens (2)
We have the victory
In the name of Stephen’s (2)
We have the victory
Who can say what God can do
Who can say when we can be
In the name of Stephen’s, Stephen’s, Stephen’s
We have the victory.
With the love of teachers (2)
Students will lead the way
With the love of teachers (2)
Students will lead the way.
As long as we are in Stephens
We will have our victory.
Cause our teachers
Are so precious
For each of us today.

Assembly Prayer

Give me this day. O God,
The energy I need to face my work,
The deligence I need to do it well,
The self discipline, which will make me work
Just hard, even if there be none to see, and none
To praise, and none to blame.
The self respect which not stop to produce anything
Which is less than my best,
The courtesy and the considerateness,
Which will make me easy to work with.
i Help me so to live with and easy to work with
i Help me so live today that I may make this
İ world a happier place wherever I may be,
i Through my Lord.